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Author of Discovery "Human Subject Psychophysical Condition Diagnostics and Correction Method based on Wave Processes in Cerebral Hemispheres"

United States Patent & Trademark Office

Patent Application 61614536


The approximate list of characteristics and recommendations as a result of video-computer diagnostics of a psychophysical condition by means of the declared method

As a result of diagnostics of a psychophysical condition of the person the computer program gives out psychological characteristics, probabilities of occurrence of psychosomatic frustration and recommendations for change of way of life and a views, and also for harmonisation of the person and mutual relations.

 The list of the characteristics which are given out by computer program as a result of diagnostics of psychosomatic condition of investigated person:

1. The psychological characteristic

     1.1. Psychotype on Anuashvili  on the basis of domination of one of hemispheres and coherency  (coordination) between hemispheres, comparison with other typology - psychotype on Hippocrates- Galen  and on Myers-Briggs, diagnostics according to ancient knowledge, recommendations on harmonization of the person and mutual relations and on change of a way of life and a way of thoughts.

     1.2. Perception of time. Structure of perception of time and a percentage  interrelation: past, future, present, past for the past, past for the future, present for the present, present for the future. 

     1.3. Subconscious motivation of behavior. Unconscious vital dominant, psychological prescription – unconscious readiness for certain actions.

      1.4. The behavior forecast in an extreme situation. Primary demonstration of instincts and psychological prescriptions.


2. The professional characteristic

    Psychological comfort at performance of a various sort of works. Professional reliability and human reliability.


3. The sexual characteristic

    The importance and motivation of a sexual life, priority display of instincts.


4. Psychosomatics

    Probability of occurrence of the psychosomatic frustration caused by spasms of smooth and skeletal muscles. Dependence of these frustration on aspiration of the person to receive the superiority over other person by deprivation of their advantage.


5. Color-therapy

    For each psychotype primary color, sequence and quantity of half-tone colors, presentation of color slides for carrying out of color-    therapy is defined.


6. Chinese medicine

    For each psychotype it is defined in percentage:

    1) Dominating meridian and its weight (activity of display). 

    2) Dysfunction of all 14 meridians in percentage.

    3) Colour of each meridian in nanometers.


7. Hypnotic influence

    Individual ability to be exposed to hypnotic influence, to reach a hypnotic condition of this or that depth (in percentage). Hypnotic       influence matters for definition of indications to various kinds of suggestion.


8. Characteristics of supertypes

    Supertypes arise at very high (more than 80 %) or at very low (less than 20 %) coherency between hemispheres. Thus such             person can show unusual properties which percentage parity is resulted in tables.

9. Probability of falsity and feelings of fault

10. Probability of antisocial displays

Video-computer psychodiagnosis and correction 

Prezentation of Avtandil Anuashvili school - Digital Psychology and Alfabet of Life

Requirements for persons who wish to learn the author’s method:

“Human Subject Psychophysical Condition Diagnostics and Correction Method based on Wave Processes in Cerebral Hemispheres” (VCP)

United States Patent & Trademark Office . Patent Application 61614536

Author of Discovery: Anuashvili Avtandil Nikolayevich

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e-mail: 5178807@mail.ru


There are no special requirements for individuals who wish to learn from the author on the method of VCP and simultaneously purchase a computer program.


It is advisable for trained specialist to have: developed intuition, the overall high level of development and a strong desire to master the VCP method,  to help himself and others, to solve personal problems and relationship problems. If a trained person has not sufficiently developed intuition, the author shall adjust the man with help of VCP.


It is important that the author teaches each person individually and adjusts his state. After that, the trainee specialist increased resistance of mental processes and intuitive abilities. In the future, the specialist can adjusted himself by using the VCP and maintain the harmony of his personality.


Education wish mainly recreational medicine doctors, traditional healers, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and specialists in HR management. And also - people who want to improve themselves, to help their loved ones and charity.


Trained specialists get computer program “PORTRAIR Super”, which is employed for recovery. As a result of the correction is the harmonization of personality and relationship problems are solved in the family and at work.


Initial training, which makes the author, takes 3 or 4 days. After some time, perhaps additional training. Initial training includes the purchase of computer software.

Trained specialists in the future may be consulted by the author for free.


There are not special training courses. Learning takes place by agreement. At the same time the author teaches 4 or 5 people. Education is individual. Author teaches each expert based his personality and psychological type, staying for a personal language learning. In addition, the author can customize the program considering his personality and skills.


Without author’s learning the program “PORTRAIT Super” does not allow to work efficiently. To conduct the VCP diagnosis and correction with help of VCP method is required knowledge and art of its practical application. The author described a method VCP in the book, and the art he can not describe. The art he shows in process of learning. Video computer Psychocorrection is  "reconstruction of the individual", and requires the development of specific skills in the author's study. Software is a tool for trained specialist.

Education includes:

theoretical course - "Method of diagnosis and correction of psycho-physical state of a person based on wave propagation in the hemispheres of his brain," and workshops for the development of skills in the video-computer diagnostics and correction of psycho-physical condition of a man. Trained professionals will receive a certificate to the practical application of author,s  technology and the program. 

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